1. Magic

From the recording (I've been) Dreamin'

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Music by Esko M. Toivonen, lyric by Judy Lamppu

© 1994 Bianca Morales Productions Oy, Teosto
(P) 2000 Beem Records


This could be magic,
this could be love.
Some journeys, like dreams are
written by the wind.
I find myself enchanted,
like farie tales we spin.
The story must begin with you.

My heart was tragic
in search of love,
but now there’s magic in the land.
I feel like sleeping beauty,
the world is so brand new
the miracle began with you.

See that star,
all my wishes have traveled far,
coming true because here we are.

This must be magic,
this feels like love.
There’s joy in everything I do,
like someone wide awake now
I’m seeing things anew.
My happiness began with you.

See that star.......
This must be magic....

© 1994 Bianca Morales Productions Oy