From the recording (I've been) Dreamin'

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Music by Esko M. Toivonen, lyric by Judy Lamppu

© 1993, 1994 Bianca Morales Productions Oy, Teosto
(P) 2000 Beem Records


When I was young and crazy I gave myself away.
Romance was so amazing but never came to stay.
My head could find no reason, my heart was so confused.
I tried so hard to please him,

I let myself be used, ’cause I didn’t have a clue.
I was so confused, so confused.
I had to face the news, sometimes you get the blues,
young and crazy blues, crazy blues.

When I was young and lonely, I had so much to learn.
I thought that love was only, so hot it made you burn.
When I was young and crazy, each love affair was strong.
Although the fire was blazing

it never lasted long, passion came and it was gone,
it always turned out wrong, so wrong.
It started like a song, but it never lasted long,
it came and it was gone, all gone.

Young and crazy blue, ooooh far away,
sad but true, oh so blue, crazy blue.
Young and blue, crazy blue, sad but true, oh so blue.

When I was young and crazy, I felt a lot of pain.
I broke my heart so easy, and true love never came.
Those blues are out of fashion, I’ve grown so many ways,
but still I miss the passion

of young and crazy days, when I gave myself away,
love never came to stay.
Ooooh, in oh, so many ways, I miss those crazy days,
those young and crazy blues, have gone away.

© 1994 Bianca Morales Productions Oy