1. Curse

From the recording (I've been) Dreamin'

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Music by Esko M. Toivonen, lyric by Judy Lamppu

© 1993, Bianca Morales Productions Oy, Teosto
(P) 2000 Beem Records


I’m gonna curse your name, the day we met,
the love you gave is a lie.

I’m gonna curse your name, try to forget,
but I get lost in your eyes.

Spider while you spin your web
around my brain,
I know you’ll never release me.

I’ve gotta break your spell
and break the chains,
the way you torture and tease me.

Curse, your name.
Curse, your name.

I’m gonna curse your name,
I’ve been too long
one step away from disaster.

I’m gonna curse your name,
I must be strong,
for now I know you’re the master.

Please put out your evil fire
and free your slave,
I lost my soul while you held me.

A victim of desire. Can I be saved?
Show mercy, somebody help me.

Curse, your name...

© 1993 Bianca Morales Productions Oy