1. Spell

From the recording (I've been) Dreamin'

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Music by Esko M. Toivonen, lyric by Judy Lamppu

© 1993, Bianca Morales Productions Oy, Teosto
(P) 2000 Beem Records


Surrounded by a jungle so green,
I waken to a force unseen.
Drumming out the message you send,
I’m afraid to comprehend.

My breath is coming faster, your turning up the beat,
we could pay a dangerous toll.
The animal inside me cannot resist the heat.
I’m afraid I’m loosing control.

Baby put your spell on me....

Like a tiger watching his prey,
you’re blocking ev’ry getaway.
Foolishly I struggle against
magic, and I’ve got no defense.

I feel you coming closer, if I could only run,
I know I’m in a dangerous place.
Your power takes me over, there’s nothing to be done,
once I turn and look at your face.

Baby put your spell on me!.....

Baby put your spell on me,
just put your spell on me...