1. Our Party

From the recording (I've been) Dreamin'

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Our Party
Composed and arranged by Right Hand, lyrics by Bianca Morales and Reijo Hänninen
©1984 Polarmusic Oy
(P) 2000 Beem Records


Hey ev’rybody, we will have a party
and our party is free for ev’rybody.
The sun is shining and ev’rybody’s happy -
so if you have time, won’t you join us too!

Here you could drink and dance.
Hey you, why don’t you come too?

Hey ev’rybody is welcome to the party.
Here you could find someone who will be your honey.
And here’s good food and bands that play real music.
Come on and bring some of your friends with you.

Here you could drink and dance...

Here is a party - can’t you hear that?
If you want to - come on and feel that.

You are welcome, come and have some fun right now.

Hey ev’rybody, let’s start this summer party.
So if you wanna come, then you’ll have to hurry.
Tell me one reason, if your looking for some
excuse to join us, enjoy your life once more.

Here you could drink and dance...
Here is a party - can’t you hear that?....

Hey ev’rybody now we’re in the party
and if you’ll stay here, you won’t need your money.
And if your mother will not let you come here...
just run away and you can have real fun!

© 1984 Polarmusic Oy