1. Was it Real?

From the recording (I've been) Dreamin'

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Was it Real?
Music by Esko M. Toivonen, lyric by Judy Lamppu

© 1995 Manus, Teosto
(P) 2000 Beem Records


’Cross the misty road
a wisp of a vanishing puff of smoke -- where
shadows seem to go
it’s gone, I don’t know where.

Lost among the trees
a vision, a ghost of a memory -- look
something hard to see or was it really there?
I grow weary of this mystery.

Was it real?
This other life that I recall?
What I feel
could be the greatest love of all.

What is real?
Somewhere in time I hear your call,
so I kneel
and pray I’ll see beyond this wall.

I’ll see beyond the door
where I believe there’s more
open wide to the other side
where / (my) love can’t hide.

I grow weary of this mystery...

Was it real?...

© 1995 Manus