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You can now listen and purchase Biancas music as digital downloads (singles and albums) from this Nimbit Music Store.
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Siberian Tour

Bianca toured the first time in Siberia in three cities, Novosibirsk, Barnaul and Tomsk, in 2009.


Bianca and Pori Jazz Allstars with Ted Curson performed in Carini Castle in Palermo.

Bianca Morales

Bianca in Los Angeles, Rome and Lisboa.

Bianca Morales Music on YouTube

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New CD release in May 2019

Hockus Kockus MusikKalas CD med Bianca Morales & FlyttFåglarna. Preview already available at NimbitMusic

Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band

Check the band live, click on Video

Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band on m/s Finlandia. Friday and Saturday Night´s Party Cruises in August 2019.

Swinging Sunday Fun!

Bianca Morales & Zhenia Gimer Duo swinging on Sundays on m/s Finlandia 2019. Check out the schedule: Calendar or Eckerö Line






  • December 22, 2019
    M/S Finlandia - Eckerö Line, Helsinki

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