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Åke's Jazz Festival 2016 & 2017 CD & DVD - CD & DVD set

Åke's Jazz Festival 2016 & 2017 CD & DVD

CD & DVD set

The best of Åke's Jazz Festival 2016 & 2017 CD & DVD

Jazzrytmien levyarvostelu luettavissa täältä

Grani Big Band with Monica Aspelund, Johanna Grussner, Bianca Morales, Hans Beckenroth, Fredrik Erlandsson, Jukka Perko, Marian & Mihai Petrescu, Vladimir Shafranof, Ulf Johansson-Werre

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When in Rome CD -

When in Rome CD

A love letter to Rome, "When in Rome" is full of swinging, rhythmic, romantic and whimsical original compositions by Bianca and her writing partner, Maria Parr, with some music composed by American composer/musician Larry Price and by Finnish composer/musician Klaus Roos. The English lyrics, based on Maria's original Finnish lyrics, are written by Judy Lamppu, a native Los Angelino. This CD is a tribute to the great jazz classics of the fifties and sixties, with wonderful arrangements by Sven Nygård. The Finnish version of the second track on the album "Yleislakko" ("General Strike") was a finalist in the jazz category in the International Songwriting Competition 2004. Branford Marsalis and Macy Gray were among the distinguished judges. "Yleislakko" got an Honorable Mention. You can buy this CD and the entire album as mp3 files at cdbaby, iTunes and My Nimbit Music Store
Unelmaloma Roomassa CD -

Unelmaloma Roomassa CD

This is the original Finnish version of the When in Rome CD. Please read the description of "When in Rome". If you have ever been curious of what it sounds like to hear jazz music performed in Finnish, this is a wonderful way of finding out and learning some Finnish in the process!
The Nearness of You CD -

The Nearness of You CD

Bianca's first jazz album including great covers of beloved jazz-standards. All songs are arranged by Markku Johansson and the album is also produced by Markku Johansson. All songs are performed by Bianca Morales & Markku Johansson Sextet
I've been dreamin'... CD -

I've been dreamin'... CD

This CD includes 16 original tracks of great pop, nu-jazz and latin compositions. All songs composed by Esko M. Toivonen, lyrics by Judy Lamppu, except Our Party: Composed and arranged by Right Hand, lyrics by Bianca Morales and Reijo Hänninen. 4 bonus tracks are performed in Finnish.
Spell Remix-EP -

Spell Remix-EP

Here's 4 different visions of the same Spell-track, that was originally released in 2000 on the "I've been dreamin'..."-CD. 1. Fried Remix (R n’ B) from the ”SPELL Remix”-EP 2. Andy State Remix (club mix) from the ”SPELL Remix”-EP 3. Project JK 168 Main Remix (Trance) from the ”SPELL Remix”-EP 4. The original album version (Gipsy Kings) Latin style from the "SPELL Remix"-EP This Spell Remix-EP was released in 2002.

This EP is for sale at my Nimbit Music Store, but You can listen to these tracks on the music player on this website!

Our Party LP -

Our Party LP

Our Party Funk & Pop LP with Bianca Morales & FF was released in 1984. This album includes 11 original Funk and pop tunes, including the hits Our Party and Everybody Get Up And Dance.

Bainca Morales & FF won with their reggae & pop tune "Our Party" the Finnish national broadcasting company's (MTV3) Spring Tune Contest (Kevään Sävel-kilpailu) in 1984. Bianca has resently reunited with the band and the New F.F. Band is back on the road again performing Funky, Jazzy, Groovy Party music to people who like to party on the dance floor.

Our Party album is digitally available on iTunes and Spotify


Yhteinen maailmamme CD -

Yhteinen maailmamme CD

Great children's music adventure for the whole family including 16 original tracks of various music styles: Rap, Reggae, Swing, Bossa nova, Calypso, Walz, Disco etc.
Säästämme luontoa, suojelemme eläimiä CD -

Säästämme luontoa, suojelemme eläimiä CD

This "Save the Animals, Save the Earth"-CD includes 10 original exotic children's songs in various music styles from the children's musicvideo series called "Säästämme luontoa, suojelemme eläimiä" (Save The Animals, Save The Earth). 8 songs performed in Finnish and 2 in English.

Hottikokki CD -

Hottikokki CD

Hottikokki-musiikkivideosarja on tuttu Ylen kanavilta lähes 20 vuoden takaa. Hyvä ruoka ja musiikki eivät vanhene koskaan! Nyt voit ostaa nämä kaikki musavideosarjan laulut omaksesi mp3-tiedostoina raita kerrallaan tai koko albumin.


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New CD release in May 2019

Hockus Kockus MusikKalas CD med Bianca Morales & FlyttFåglarna. Preview already available at NimbitMusic

Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band

Check the band live, click on Video

Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band on m/s Finlandia. Friday and Saturday Night´s Party Cruises in August 2019.

Swinging Sunday Fun!

Bianca Morales & Zhenia Gimer Duo swinging on Sundays on m/s Finlandia 2019. Check out the schedule: Calendar or Eckerö Line






  • October 6, 2019
    M/S Finlandia - Eckerö Line, Helsinki
  • October 13, 2019
    Restaurante, Cafeteria Kukko (Fuengirola), Fuengirola
  • October 20, 2019
    Restaurante, Cafeteria Kukko (Fuengirola), Fuengirola

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